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Green real estate is a growing trend in real estate for home buyers, where properties are designed to be environmentally sustainable, energy-efficient, and healthy for occupants. With the increasing awareness of climate change, the demand for green homes is on the rise, especially in urban cities like Mumbai. In this article, we will explore what green real estate is and why it is gaining importance for home buyers and real estate developers in Mumbai.

1. Benefits of Green Real Estate

Green real estate offers various benefits, including environmental, economic, and health benefits. From reducing carbon footprints to minimising energy bills, green homes have a lot to offer. They also promote better health by using non-toxic materials and improving indoor air quality.

2. Green Real Estate Features for Home Buyers

For home buyers, green homes offer various features, including energy-efficient appliances, low-flow fixtures, sustainable building materials, solar panels, and green roofs and walls. These features not only reduce energy consumption and costs but also enhance the quality of living.

3. Green Real Estate Features for Real Estate Developers

Real estate developers can make their projects green by incorporating sustainable practices like LEED Certification, the use of renewable energy, sustainable land use and preservation, water conservation measures, and indoor air quality. These features can attract environmentally conscious buyers and offer long-term economic benefits.

4. Green Real Estate in Mumbai

In Mumbai, the demand for green homes has been rising in recent years due to the increasing awareness of the impact of climate change. The government of Maharashtra has also introduced various policies to promote green buildings, including the Maharashtra State Environment Policy 2006 and the Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA)’s solar rooftop policy. Some examples of green real estate projects in Mumbai include RahejaVivarea, Godrej Trees, and KalpataruAvana.


In conclusion, green real estate is gaining importance in Mumbai due to its various benefits for both home buyers and real estate developers. By incorporating sustainable practices, real estate developers can attract environmentally conscious buyers and offer long-term economic benefits. As the demand for green homes continues to rise, it is essential for real estate developers to keep up with the trend and offer eco-friendly living spaces. Home buyers can also play a vital role by choosing green homes and encouraging sustainable practices in the real estate market.

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