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You’ve made the decision to move, you’ve found a new home, you’ve organized your moving day, hired a professional moving company, and now you need to focus your attention on your new home. You just bought a new place and you want it to be perfectly clean. We are sure that mice and termites or other pests will not be welcome in your new home. You want to make sure your home will be free of pests and insects, which is why you should read our guide on how to waterproof your new home. This is a guide on how to waterproof your new home.


Pests like to nest in dark, dirty places and if your house isn’t completely new, you need to clean it really thoroughly, but don’t forget to clean your yard too. You need to make sure you’ve checked and cleaned every corner, down to the basement, up to the attic, cleared all the hidden places. After you finish cleaning the house:

Make sure you’ve covered any spaces that could potentially harbor pests.


You’ve already cleaned the attic and now you need to inspect your roof as well. You need to be thorough, as small animals like mice and squirrels will find their way in. You should seal all holes, even the smallest ones, because small animals make small holes big enough for them to pass through. Finally, you want to block your vents with screen and capture your chimney.


You can hire a professional arborist to prune and cut tree limbs and branches that are too close to your new home. Squirrels can easily climb onto your roof if there is a branch close enough, all kinds of insects can come from trees through your open windows or wall cracks. Not only will you take a step closer to protecting your home from pests, but you will also have attractive and healthy trees.

Trees are not just trees.

and check if they have caches. If so, you may need to replace or repair them. There are small gaps around the plumbing and between the walls that you will want to seal as well. Use wire mesh to seal plumbing holes.


If you want to be completely sure that your home is pest free, you should hire the professional fumigation company. You should do this before you move in, as pest control companies use all kinds of chemicals and your home will need to be vacant for a while before you can safely move in. If your home is brand new, perhaps, there’s no need to call in the professionals and expose yourself to chemicals.

When all this is done, there is only one thing left to do and that last one will be done on a moving day. It is possible for a flying insect to land on your items during the process of unloading and transferring your items from the moving truck to your new home. You must check all your boxes before bringing them inside. Maybe those boxes and packing materials were old, or they came from a certain basement and they should be inspected before packing your items too.

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