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Walkable Neighborhoods

If you are looking for homes for sale in Green Bay, you should begin by considering the type of neighborhood in which you want to live. For many homebuyers, walkability is a priority to enjoy the lifestyle they want. Even though Green Bay is known for its intense winters, there are plenty of months during the year where you can enjoy a stroll to a local park or favorite coffee shop.

To help you get you house hunting journey started, we have compiled a list of some of the most walkable neighborhoods in Green Bay.

Downtown Green Bay

Downtown Green Bay is the central business district with a mix of commercial, residential, and entertainment options. Pedestrians can explore the Fox River Trail, visit shops, restaurants, and attend events at the KI Convention Center. The CityDeck along the Fox River provides a scenic area for strolling and enjoying outdoor activities. In Downtown Green Bay you will find a variety of real estate options, whether you are looking for a home with some charm and history or a modern, urban loft.

Astor East River

Located east of the Fox River, the Astor East River neighborhood has a mix of historic and newer homes. Residents of Astor enjoy close proximity to Joannes Park, which offers green spaces and recreational facilities. Easy access to downtown amenities and the East River State Trail also make this neighborhood walkable, beautiful, and convenient.

Olde North

Olde North features charming historic homes and tree-lined streets. It provides a glimpse into Green Bay decades ago, while showcasing many beautiful and updated homes. Walkers can explore City Stadium Park and enjoy a residential atmosphere while being close to the attractions of the city. Olde North is also close to the Green Bay Botanical Garden and the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary.

Mather Heights

Mather Heights is a residential neighborhood that offers a mix of housing options just outside the downtown area. Residents can walk to Colburn Park, a community park with playgrounds and sports facilities, and the proximity to schools and local shops adds to the neighborhood’s walkability. If you are looking for a family friendly walkable community in Green Bay, you might like Mather Heights.


Navarino is a historic neighborhood with a mix of architectural styles, a community where residents can walk to parks like Tank Park and Whitney Park. Proximity to schools and local businesses adds to the neighborhood’s appeal. It is both convenient and beautiful, ideal for someone who wants to access everything they need within a small radius of home.


Located just south of Green Bay, Allouez is a suburb with a mix of residential and commercial areas, and walkers can explore the East River Trail and enjoy parks like Green Isle Park without leaving the community.

Residents enjoy convenient access to shops and restaurants along Webster Avenue and can explore the Allouez Village Shopping Center and nearby parks. Convenient access to the Fox River State Recreational Trail makes it easy to explore the community on foot.


The Bellevue neighborhood, located only a short drive south of Green Bay, offers a mix of residential and commercial areas. Residents can walk from their homes to local parks and enjoy amenities along Monroe Road. Easy access to shops, restaurants, and schools adds to the neighborhood’s walkability in this charming and tight-knit community.

When considering walkability in your house hunting journey, factors such as proximity to parks, shopping centers, schools, and recreational trails will contribute to a neighborhood’s appeal for pedestrians. It’s always a good idea to explore these areas firsthand, take note of amenities, and consider your specific preferences when choosing a walkable neighborhood in Green Bay. To learn more about buying a home in Green Bay, contact these local real estate experts.

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