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Holiday rental platforms, like Stayz and Airbnb, now make it much easier than before for ordinary individuals to improve their spare rooms, places, and spaces for clients or paying guests. According to experts, the 21-5 concept is an amazing way to own a holiday home and fund your exotic getaways or enjoy meeting travelers across the globe and showing them your property. However, preparing your holiday for renters in Mallorca entails a lot more than just leaving your keys in a letterbox. It may also entail the following:

1. Take Care of the Security Aspects

There are several safety standards you must take into consideration, including railings on apartment doors and secure windows or balconies. Then, there are smoke detectors that the Mallorcan law requires. Note that legal requirements often differ from one place to another. For instance, for a bunk bed, consider looking for safety features, and for an optional extra, like a swimming pool, ensure it is secured to standard.

2. Consider Child or Pet-Proofing

Some guests often book shared holiday homes Mallorca for their family vacations with their pets or kids. Although not every holiday home is pet or child-friendly, if you opt to welcome those guests, you have to ensure the area is safe as well as suitable for furry and tiny guests. As a holiday homeowner, you have to ensure your guests always feel at ease. Therefore, help parents pack properly by simply detailing family-friendly amenities and suggesting where they can stock up their supplies. Pets and kids also like to explore the surroundings, so take additional safety measures, such as installing a secure gate at the stairs.

3. Install a Remote Lock

One thing that the global pandemic, COVID-19, taught us is touchless check-in processes. When your guests reach your property, they can simply enter a code into your keypad and your home’s door will unlock. Hence, installing a keyless lock at a cost is a convenient and easy way of making check-in processes seamless for all your guests. Plus, a keyless lock means no more losing keys or fumbling, not to mention, that it will be easy to sanitize the keypad.

4. Add Energy-Saving Lighting

Most of us tend to overlook lighting when preparing our holiday homes for rental, but the truth it is very important. You would want to replace existing conventional lighting globes with LED lighting fixtures once you decide to rent out the property. LED lighting fixtures will not only save you money, but also last longer.

5. Maintain and Thoroughly Clean the Property

One of the most important steps for preparing your holiday home is to ensure you clean it thoroughly. If possible, hire a professional and experienced cleaner to clean the space, including bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, and kitchen. In addition, conduct maintenance checks for your electrical, plumbing systems, and appliances. This will help to avoid unexpected issues throughout your guests’ stay.

The bottom line is that owning and renting out holiday homes come with many responsibilities. Apart from maintaining and cleaning the property thoroughly, you will also need to add energy-saving lighting, install a remote lock, add security, and proof children and pets.

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