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light up your garden in spring



The beginning of spring is a good time to plan some changes in the surroundings of your house and on the balcony, so that you can finally enjoy the fresh air. Consideration should therefore be given to the choice and placement of lamps, their style, their function, as well as the method of fixing and the power supply. How to arrange functional lighting, which will also be a decoration? We recommend it!


lighting If you dream of outdoor wall lights, solar-powered wall lights are a good option, such as Kanlux SOLCA . They are solar luminaires with square shades, which effectively accentuate the appearance of the facade and, what is important, are independent of the electrical installation. This gives you the freedom to decide where to place them, and also saves electricity. The luminaires can be operated in three different light intensity modes and, thanks to integrated motion sensors, they only switch on when their light is actually needed. The light they emit, reflected by the walls, will also illuminate the surrounding areas,

It should be added that Kanlux’s SOLCA series also includes bollards equipped with a spike to drive them into the ground and motion sensors ensure that the lights switch on and off reliably. Thanks to their modern design, they integrate with all styles of gardens and facades, and solar energy dispenses you with tedious assembly and the cost of installing and concealing cables. The steel housing and plastic diffusers ensure long-lasting use, and the IP 44 standard guarantees operation in all weather conditions.

Luminaires with adjustable light intensity

Another solution for illuminating and decorating evenings spent outdoors with loved ones is a series of Kanlux INVO luminaires. It consists of wall-mounted and floor-standing luminaires made of plastic, which helps to keep the lamp clean. Thanks to their minimalist design and universal graphite color, they fit into any style of environment. In addition, the light effect they produce will decorate any space. Kanlux INVO luminaires can be equipped with their own light source. Either dimmer bulbs with a warm light color in places where we only need light accents or strong bulbs where we nee

LED garden lanterns

Do you like traditional design, but economical? The best choice is undoubtedly the luminaires from the Kanlux VIMO range.Their casings, in aluminum alloy, have an original shape reminiscent of lanterns. They are designed to be mounted outdoors and have an IP44 protection rating. They are available in wall or bollard versions, with or without motion detector. Their original shape allows them to fit perfectly into the environment of any home, and the transparent lampshade gives you the opportunity to choose a decorative bulb, for example with a visible filament, which will give a decorative effect. additional. Around the house, you can also use bulbs from the Kanlux SMART series and transform your garden lighting into smart luminaires.

Lighting hidden in

If you like atypical solutions or if you want to hide garden lighting elements, the luminaires of the Kanlux STONO series are a perfect solution. These are lamps imitating stones, with a spherical lampshade, recessed in the ground or with an irregular shape like Kanlux STONO IS 63.Thanks to the color of the granite, they are practically indistinguishable from real large pebbles. As night falls, they gently illuminate the surroundings, blending dramatically into the plants or rockeries in which they are often placed. Each of these luminaires is equipped with a base, which allows it to be fixed in the ground, and the IP 65 protection index allows them to operate even in driving rain (provided that the place of connection is correctly covered).

industrial style

If you want to highlight a tall shrub or rock garden you’re proud of, or illuminate a patio or deck with strong light, you can use solutions that may look typically industrial. We are talking about projectors! Today, LED floodlights are a solution that is not only resistant to damage and moisture, but also aesthetically pleasing. Discover our Kanlux iQ-LED FL solution. These floodlights will provide you with safe and aesthetic outdoor lighting from 10W to 90W. Exceptional durability and a 5-year warranty assure you that this solution will serve you for many years. This solution can be used as accent lighting, hiding behind the plants and illuminating them from below, or as main lighting.

We hope that through our inspirations you will see that with the solutions of Kanlux you can install elegant and economical luminaires around your home, which at the same time will illuminate and decorate the different corners of your garden and the surroundings of your home. , where you spend cozy evenings with your family.

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