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lighting with LED strips

A beautifully decorated and warm room is the dream of all people of good taste. Even better, if this objective is achieved with a low budget and originality.

In particular, when we give light to special places, spaces or areas inside a room. For example, lighting the edge of a work surface, the rectangle framing an image or photograph, the edge of a piece of furniture, etc.

These luminaires exist in different models to adapt to the ideas and requirements of the decorative finish to be achieved.

The advantage of LED strips is centered on its low consumption. But you must always bear in mind that its purpose is decorative, since its light field is very punctual. And focuses on the area where it is placed. The use of RGB strips and/or unicolor strips will provide a special, practical and pleasant touch in any place where it is desired.


The use of LED strips does not imply a significant increase in electrical energy consumption, which work with low power levels. In addition to possessing all the energy-saving and anti-pollution qualities of all LED products. Here are some ideas for decorating, giving light in specific ways to certain areas within a room or space.

Stairs . If you want to give a spectacular Broadway touch to the stairs of the house, the use of LED strips on each of the steps would be fabulous. As well as providing better vision and safety for those climbing and descending them. Another solution would be to place the LED strips on the stair railing. We recommend 24V LED Strips.

Kitchen . Surround a central kitchen table and counter island with LED strips, this will give a modern and special lighting touch. The ideal would be to use colored ribbons that perfectly combine with the color of furniture and walls. To give you an idea, imagine a kitchen with white walls with furniture and shelves in white or marble colors, decorated with steel blue LED strips. Spectacular.

LED strips for indoors and outdoors

Plants . Whether in the gardens of the house, in pots on the terrace or on the balcony, the use of a combination of LED strips on the edges of the pots and on the walls close to them, will improve in a way special the colors and liveliness of the plants placed there.

Furniture . You can highlight the existence of a piece of furniture or give indirect light to a room by using the LED strips at the base of the object. For example, around the foot of a bed, we will obtain a special effect of indirect lighting from bottom to top.

Corridors . The use of ribbons on the lower part of the walls, marking the length of the path, thus giving a touch of dynamism and movement to the corridors. In addition to creating the feeling of space and security.


Exteriors. Stand out on outdoor paths, the swimming pool or recreational airs, thanks to a sophisticated combination of high sealing LED Strips . But beyond the functionality, using a good combination of power and colors. You will give a fantastic look to your outdoor space. Use LED light pipe to decorate trees or any outdoor furniture.

Shops. LED strips are also ideal when we want to give a touch of light and color to certain commercial premises. We can decorate walls or ceilings with shapes designed based on these ribbons and in different colors, which causes a lively effect in the design of the place. The use of LED light pipes is a very good and effective solution.

Products . Showcase your merchandise on shelves or hangers with LED strips. By using the appropriate colors according to the atmosphere, the environment and the color of the packaging, make your customers want to leave with your products and not others.

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