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Pests Away From My Plants

Plants are like kids to all plant lovers, and it becomes heart-wrenching to see them getting destroyed by pests. Pests attacking plants is a common issue for most people since soil provides a favorable environment for pests to shelter. 

In addition, different insects, such as mosquitoes, termites, etc., are some of the common pests that invade the houses in Coppell. Identifying which can attack your plants and damage them in Coppell is important. Furthermore, you can also seek help from a reliable Coppell pest control company to get rid of the infestation immediately. They can identify the type of pests in your house and provide a permanent solution for them. 

How To Avoid Pests In The Garden?

The garden is one of the most common areas to find pests. Considering it can be challenging to get rid of them near the plants, you can follow a few tips that will work to keep these unwanted guests at bay and make sure your plants do not face any damage or die. 

Use insect sprays

You can use chemical pest sprays on your plants to avoid pests around them. You can spray essential oils like peppermint, lemongrass, cedarwood, lavender, etc., on your plants as they act as natural insect repellents and keep your plants safe. 

You can also use salt spray by mixing salt with water to avoid pests. It is the easiest technique to avoid pests, and it will also help your plant absorb nutrients like sulfur and phosphorus.

Trim the plants

Overgrown leaves of plants attract pests and even birds who use them to make shelter. Therefore, trim your plants at regular intervals to avoid infestation. 

Use fertilizers

Using natural fertilizers can avoid pest infestation by avoiding pests from taking shelter. Healthy soil helps keep pests away, and fertilizers will also create an environment where pests cannot sustain themselves. You can also take fertilizers specifically made to avoid pests or use natural biodegradable substances like peppermint leaves as a fertilizer.

1. Put pest-repellent plants 

The best way to avoid pests in your garden is by planting pest-repellent plants. These plants release certain odors into the environment, making it unfavorable for pests to attack. You can pot the pest-repellent plants like peppermint, basil, garlic, thyme, lemon balm, sage, etc; in your garden around the other plants, and the pests will not attack any plant in the garden.

Create walking area

Clear the excessive bushes in the garden and create a pathway to walk around. This will make the garden clean and avoid pests from habitation. Making pathways will also destroy the hiding spots of pests and add to soil fertility, making land unsuitable for pests.

Take professional help

If pests attack your garden in Coppell, and you want immediate help, then get help from pest control services. Pest control teams use chemicals to kill pests instantly and keep your plants safe throughout this process. In addition, they will also provide reliable and effective tips that you can implement to keep your plants safe from pests. Until you shortlist the right pest control company, you can use these DIY methods that will work and provide temporary fixes. 

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