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Beautiful bathroom

The installation of a beautiful bathroom is not obvious. Tiles, paint, shower , bath , double washbasin , washbasin… Which bathroom equipment is best suited to my needs? And above all, how to make it fit in the space I have… Here are a whole bunch of good ideas for arranging a bathroom . Take what you need and create the bathroom of your dreams !

A small bathroom with walk-in shower

With its elegant look and practicality, the walk-in shower is a dream come true. It adapts to any space, making it an ideal installation for small bathrooms where it is essential to optimize space. Either closed by a wall or open to the water feature, it slips into a corner, next to a washbasin and even under the eaves. It adapts to all styles to blend naturally into the decor, or even disappear into it. From studio bathrooms to those of family homes, find out how to adopt a walk-in shower in a small piece of water through projects drawn from our Dream Homes reports and on Côté Maison Projets.

Inspirations to adopt it

The zellige in the bathroom has become an essential covering. Whether it’s enamelled terracotta tiles inspired by Moroccan mosaics, or zellige effect tiles, this authentic material finds its place in the washbasin splashback, on the floor of the water feature, or adorns the entire the shower. So much so that it replaces our traditional tiles, bringing a warm oriental touch to our bathrooms. As proof, interior designers and decorators have fun with the multitude of shapes and colors of zelliges. A herringbone or tortoiseshell installation thus immediately personalizes a section of wall behind the basin or the bathtub. Pearly white, emerald green, dark blue zellige… the handcrafted material is also characterized by a shiny finish that reflects natural light. So many assets that make zellige a popular covering in the bathroom. Discover 13 inspirations to adopt it.

Trend colors for the bathroom?

Taupe, almond green, nude pink… What are the trendy colors for the bathroom? With the intention of giving style to the water feature, the trendy color palette is vast. No more imposed sky blue, the bathroom is fun with more unexpected colors like a soft camel or an electric blue. The colors bring a certain personality into the room and create a unique spirit. According to the desires and in the continuity of the rest of the house, the atmosphere can be soft, contemporary, authentic or even zen. The tracks are varied! On the bath robe or on a countertop washbasin, the trendy colors can also be found on the walls or on the floor of the bathroom. You just have to dose them well!

inspiring projects

Like a master suite, the bathroom opens onto the bedroom to create a comfortable space. Inspired by the most beautiful hotel suites, the variations adapt to your desires. Free-standing bath in the middle of the room or large walk-in shower behind a headboard, everyone chooses the option that suits them best. By erasing the boundary between the two rooms, the layout also simplifies everyday life. Like a bubble of well-being, the bedroom and the bathroom are one. Most often recommended in a space for couples, this type of arrangement still requires having a similar pace of life so as not to disturb the other.

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