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Many Floridians enjoy summer because it means vacation, fun, and free time. However, going on vacation can also mean a lot of things to keep up with, especially if your home is a homeowner.

You’ll be busy packing last-minute, loading the car and looking for any missing items, but make sure your home is ready in case of any plumbing problems while you’re away .

Here are some tips to make sure you don’t have plumbing problems while you’re away from home. Clog Kings Plumbing can also help if there is any problem at your Riverview, Brandon or Valrico residence.

Check for Leaks & Other Issues in Your Pipes

Make sure you have checked your plumbing before you leave for the city. Nobody wants to return home to find that a pipe has burst or flooded their house. You should also check the hoses of your washing machine. They can become cracked or contaminated with mineral deposits.

You can also stop leaks by closing the main water valve in your home before you go.

Examine Your Water Heater & Its Temperature

Many water heaters come with a vacation or low-use setting which you can switch on before you leave. This will reduce energy consumption. You should also inspect the water connections for signs of rust. This could indicate leakage. Clog kings Plumbing will quickly address any water damage if you find it.

Clean Sink Drains, Appliances Before Leaving on Vacation

It’s not fun to return home with an unidentified odor. It is possible to reduce the unpleasant smell by cleaning the sink drains using a little vinegar and water. This will get rid of any food and debris that has built up in your sink drains.

Also, empty your washing machine and dishwasher before you leave. Wet items can mold if left unattended.

Give a Trusted Friend or Neighbor Access to Your Home While You’re Away

You can give a friend or neighbor a key to gain access to your home while on vacation. This will ensure that Clog kings Plumbing can be reached in an emergency if there is a problem with your home. It’s important to choose a trustworthy person who will be able to keep your home safe and know when you are out of town.

Do you need help checking out your home for plumbing issues before leaving on vacation?

While you are away, don’t let a minor plumbing problem become a major emergency. Call today to have any plumbing problems checked before you go on vacation. We can inspect your property for any leaks, problems with the water heater, or other issues that may arise while you are away. We serve properties in Riverview and Valrico as well as other Tampa Bay communities.

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