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Position Your Furniture

It’s likely that since you’ve lived in your home for a long time, you’ve made it as practical and comfortable for you as possible. While that works for you, it might not be exactly what the potential buyers want to see. There are many techniques which help you stage your home in a way that attracts the eye more and makes it easier for buyers to get convinced about buying your property.

That is why, if you are planning to sell your house, you should ensure most personal items are removed and the furniture is staged in an attractive manner. Here at We Buy Any House, we have gathered five tips for positioning not only your furniture but the rest of your household possessions in a way that will engage with your potential buyers better so you can secure a faster sale.

1. Sofa Position

One of the main pieces of furniture any home possesses is the sofa, which is why it should be strategically positioned. Not only is it rather big in size, it’s also where all the other furniture is positioned around. You don’t want its back to be facing the door as someone walks in as it’s not only not a pleasant view to see first, but it’s also blocking the rest of the room as well. That applies to any chairs or big pieces of furniture you might have that may obstruct the view. If that is the case for you, you should do a little shuffle around and ensure that there is good visibility of the whole room from the entry point.

2. Consider Your Focal Points

Focal points are important as they are the center of attention and in most cases where everything is pointed at. It’s very common that the television is the focal point of any lounge area or even bedrooms but when it comes to selling a property, you may not necessarily want to do that. When staging a place to be put on the market, you want to highlight the best features of it,whether that is a statement lighting, a window or an architectural feature. Alternatively, if you don’t have anything that stands out in particular, you could always create a focal point yourself.

3. Prep For Pictures

If your property is going to be listed on the market and national portals such as Zoopla and Rightmove, then you must make your furniture picture friendly. That means arranging the furniture in a way that it would gather in a picture, making sure the place looks good from all angles so that when the estate agent comes over to photograph the whole place, your rooms will look flawless. Since first impressions count, it’s important to have the initial view of the room from the door as clear as possible.

4. Clear Layout and Pathway

It’s especially important to create clear pathways which are easy to navigate through so that potential buyers can follow the flow and go through the way you want them to. Having an organised and strategic layout of each room in a way that people can easily gain access to all important parts is essential. For example, it’s almost inevitable that a buyer won’t go to the window to check out the view so you must have a clear pathway leading up to it.

5. Be Smart With Open-Plan Living

Open plan areas have gained a massive popularity with buyers in the last decade or so but sometimes it may seem harder to fill up the room and often it may appear a bit empty, especially when personal items are removed. That is why it’s vital to establish more defined areas using furniture to separate the spaces. For instance, you could use any large plants and bookcase as dividers to give more definition to the room.

It’s not easy attracting and satisfying every need of a potential buyer but if you incorporate some of these tips about furniture positioning, you will be able to stage your home amazingly and present it in the best possible way.

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